Employers face a myriad of issues outside the ususal litigation defense during workers' compensation litigation. In these areas, too, Tim Jesaitis can provide expert assistance.

Risk Management

Having a detailed legal strategy when litigation arises is one thing, but what about a comprehensive plan to avoid litigation altogether? Or programs that keep the employer in a proactive stance, rather than a reactive stumble? Tim Jesaitis will equip private and public sector employers in beefing up their risk management positions and programs. Are you ready for the work injury issues that plague most employers?


Just as patients seek professional medical consultations at least yearly, so should employers seek to review their organizational health when it comes to work place safety, return-to-work programs, drug-free work place programs, and documentation systems. Is there a weakness or illness that has gone undetected? Are the programs put in place years ago, perhaps through a different administration, running at peak performance? Tim Jesaitis can diagnose your strengths and weaknesses.


No employer relishes the telephone call or the Request for Documentation from the Department of Insurance, Compliance Bureau. Tim Jesaitis can untangle the morass of paperwork and frustrations, allowing you to do what you do best (run your business), while the questions and requests from DOI are answered in a targeted way - providing only what is needed. No more, no less. Why face these hurdles alone?